Born into a music loving family in the mid 60’s, Johnathan was immersed in a broad range of musical genres. Listening to music went from recreational to a necessity.

After joining band in Jr. High, he went on to play drums in his own rock group and still jams to this day. Before graduating high school, Johnathan had merged his two passions: music and cars. Working after school at a local car audio shop, he quickly became the lead installation specialist. Before his 26th birthday, he opened his own business… Audio Chamber. Focused on high end audio systems, inspired by 2-channel hi fi, the business flourished. To build exposure and to meet a competitive need, Johnathan began to build audio systems designed to compete in I.A.S.C.A Sound Quality events. He and his clients started taking home many 1st place trophies.

Over the next two decades, Johnathan would provide his signature car-fi sound to an ever-expanding clientele. Notable clients include Chili Davis, MVP Angels, Ron Welty of the Offspring, Johnny Richter, Kottonmouth Kings, Trent Reznor (N.I.N), and Billy F. Gibbons, ZZ Top.

Audio Chamber became the go-to audio system specialist for high end dealerships like Newport Auto Center, Sterling BMW, and House of Imports, Mercedes Benz.

Inspired by his mom, Sherry, Johnathan decided it was time to expand into the hi-fi market for high end home audio. With his knowledge and know-how in hifi for car audio, expanding into high end home audio was the next natural step. Audio Chamber morphed into servicing clientele looking for the best in home audio services, and Johnathan was ready to deliver.