Experience the Sound of Quality with Audio Chamber

Bringing luxury hi-fi audio to you and your family. Audio Chamber creates works of art through sound. We have design options for all types of home décor from elegant speakers and bespoke turntables to pleasing audio storage and cabinetry. Audio Chamber brings signature sound to your home that you won’t get anywhere else.

A leader in the audio industry, Johnathan Ellis started Audio Chamber with 3 top priorities:

We are proud to offer some of the world’s finest audio components

Audio Chamber services the greater Inland Empire. We have the perfect sound solution for any size room in your home. With decades of experience in the audio industry, Audio Chamber has everything you’ll need to achieve audio nirvana. We have carefully curated our product lines with synergy and reliability in mind. We are proud to offer some of the world’s finest audio components. So, whether you are new to hi-fi or a seasoned audiophile, Audio Chamber is the right choice.

Starting a full system build, doing research on your next piece of gear, or just have a question? Give us a call or email: johne@audiochamberhifi.com or 714-420-3300

What is HIFI?

While the term hi-fi can have a different meaning to different people in the context of reproducing music, our belief is that hi-fi, short for “high fidelity”, means “being faithful to the emotional message of the artist, and staying accurate to the incredible dynamics and clarity of a live musical event. Music is a language, and transmitting its message faithfully implies an accurate rendition of harmonic structure and dynamic expression.”